Spanish educational system

Once the doctoral thesis has received positive evaluation, the university is in charge of filing an electronic copy, and to send copies to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport MECD and to the Council of Universities. But the problems of the education system in Spain do not stop there.

The Spain national football team won the gold medal at the Mediterranean Games in, andthe silver medal inand the bronze medal in and Students in ESO are between 12 and 16 years old, which would be a mixture of middle school and the first two years of high school in the U.

In order to pass a subject, students are allowed to sit examinations for a limited number of times. Each university decides on the number of students who may be admitted to Master's degree programmes.

In the last years La Liga is living in a big financial turmoil. Primary School 6 until 11 and Secondary School 11 until 16 are mandatory.

The Spanish education system

Fees are often lower for non-boarders than in an equivalent public day school in Britain, but availability of places is limited. One can imagine the tremendous difficulty faced by the teachers endeavouring to maintain academic standards and discipline whilst being unable to converse with the majority of pupils in a common language.

Attendance is totally optional and places are highly valued by most parents. These criteria may be related to the specific degree they are applying for or established by each university.

Children can leave school at 16 or at an earlier age if they complete the exams earlier. The Spain national under team won the gold medal in Olympic tournament and the silver medal in This is why so many turn their needs to the country.

In the second cycle there is an additional two to three years of further education required. Many grant-assisted schools were originally run by religious orders, as is the Convent school opposite my property, and many still maintain a strong catholic flavour.

This is not the case with the college and universities that are located in France. Other people contend that fee-paying private schools are usually more academically demanding and tend to cater for the children of middle-class professional Spanish families.

You will also gain from this as you will meet other parents, some of whom will be interested in trying out their basic English.

The Spanish Education System

At any rate, candidates enrolled in distance PhD programmes are also required to defend their doctoral thesis in front of a board of examiners, under the same conditions as the rest of students. Supervision arrangements Once candidates are accepted into the programme, the Academic Commission assigns them a mentor, who must hold a PhD and have accredited experience in the institution or college organising the programme.

Free Educational Software In Spanish (Español )

However, in some regions you will find this is replaced by a combination of Castilian and the co-official language s of the region. The PhD diploma will bear these honours.Information on education in Spain, OECD - Contains indicators and information about Spain and how it compares to other OECD and non-OECD countries Diagram of Spanish education system, OECD - Using ISCED classification of programmes and typical ages.

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The fastest, smartest and easiest way to write music. The Spanish Education system has been subject to a number of reforms in recent years.

Changes in Infant and primary education have been somewhat more successful to date than those in the secondary system.

Spanish educational system
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