Report identifying the different reasons people

Gender- an individual may not feel comfortable communicating verbally with someone of the same or opposite gender. The more risk factors a person has, the greater the chance that taking drugs can lead to addiction.

Identify Different Reasons Why People Communicate

Make sure the older adult is connected with medical services. This can do done by learning about the different ways and types of communication barriers and how these can be improved or overcome. As a health and social care worker you will need to offer support to service users and their families and this is enabled through both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Providing support Communication is the main way in which you continue to sustain relationships and build these up. Giving and receiving information As a health care pro working in the health care setting you will be expected to give and receive different types of information.

How to protect yourself from abuse as an elder Make sure your financial and legal affairs are in order. Gesture — are hand and arm movement that can help us to understand what person are saying.

Affirming one another Affirmation is basically acknowledging and encouraging each other and reassuring individuals of their worth and value to increase their self worth, beliefs and esteem.

Things that you should be considering are quiet, homely, cosy, familiar and with as few distractions as possible. Sometimes the information might be of a sensitive nature, such as when breaking bad news or dealing with private information, and you will need to be especially sensitive.

Understanding Drug Use and Addiction

If you have ideas, questions and opinions about your work, sharing them with colleagues helps to clarify, develop and even change the way you think and act. In the case of self-neglect: What we say, how we say it and what we do communicates lots of messages that are given and received consciously and subconsciously by using different communication methods.

An Identify four different reasons why people communicate Essay Sample

Drug addiction is treatable and can be successfully managed. An unscrupulous caregiver might: Why do some people become addicted to drugs while others don't? Health disparities adversely affect groups of people who have systematically experienced greater obstacles to health based on their racial or ethnic group; religion; socioeconomic status; gender; age; mental health; cognitive, sensory, or physical disability; sexual orientation or gender identity; geographic location; or other characteristics historically linked to discrimination or exclusion.

Relapse is the return to drug use after an attempt to stop. People who are recovering from an addiction will be at risk for relapse for years and possibly for their whole lives. Where as poor communication in the workplace usually results in damage either immediately or long term.

Identify Different Reasons People Communicate

It would be important to be sensitive and allow feelings to be aired, but actively seek where apt to resolve a situation instead of dwelling on the issue. It is important to make sure that everyone in the conversation understands what is said to save any confusion. Tense person might breath quickly and become hot.

In the course of your work you will need to fi nd out information, pass on information and listen to information. Sharing thoughts and ideas Humans process many of their thoughts by discussing them. Family caregivers are especially at risk for depression, but there are plenty of things you can do to boost your mood and outlook and overcome the problem.

This could be down to barriers such as different language, confidence, speech and hearing difficulties etc. Speech impairment- some one who is unable to make themselves verbally understood. A loud and direct tone would not suit a situation where an individual had encountered an embarrassing problem, such as wetting themselves.

Report identifying the different reasons people communicate

Some fear retaliation from the abuser, while others view having an abusive caretaker as better than having no caretaker and being forced to move out of their own home. Older adults can be increasingly isolated from society and, with no work to attend, it can be easy for abuse cases to go unnoticed for long periods.Report Identifying The Different Reasons People Communicate And Explain How Communication Affects Relationships In The Work Setting Filed Under: Essays Tagged With: communications, relationships 3 pages, words.

Identify the different reasons people communicate SHC Explain how communication affects relationships in the work settingSHC Describe the.

1 Identify the Different Reasons People Communicate

Identify Different Reasons Why People Communicate. Through positive relationships children respond to eye contact, verbal and non-verbal interaction; they anticipate and initiate communication with others, learning to respond in many ways. The genes that people are born with account for about half of a person's risk for addiction.

Gender, ethnicity, and the presence of other mental disorders may also influence risk for drug use and addiction. Environment. A person’s environment includes many different influences, from family and friends to economic status and general quality of life. Promote Communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings Identify the different reasons people communicate Communication is very important and can be non-verbal: making eye contact, body language and gestures, verbal: talking, singing, listening and responding, and written.

Identify different reasons why people communicate Communication is needed to build relationships, we are building a new relationship even by just saying hello. To maintain this relationship we greet a carer when they come into the setting, by asking how they are?

What have they done over the weekend? This help strengthen the relationship by [ ].

Report identifying the different reasons people
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