Library assignments

The assignment can be limited to one or two articles, or it can be more extensive. The students would then need to track down the actual published research study, and evaluate whether the popular source reported the results and implications of the study accurately.

This gives students a very tangible experience with the reasons why we cite sources and the importance of using sources appropriately. See the list below for alternatives! Here are a few examples that can be adapted to most subjects.

Develops awareness of the process of scholarship and communication in a research topic or field. This is essentially a research paper, without the paper.

Completing assignments will earn hunters rewards based on the assignment carried out, along with Library Points which are required to start more advanced assignments. It is possible to complete multiple research tasks in a hunt if the requirements are fulfilled.

Library Assignments

The level of research required to complete the assignment can range from minimal to a depth appropriate for advanced classes. The majority of students are not familiar with the language associated with library materials. Write a biographical sketch of a famous person.

Blackboard: Assignments and Tests

Include an introduction with biographical information about the authors, and the rationale for including the works [justify with reviews or critical materials].

Develops skills in searching using alternative vocabulary. Include meta sites, e-journals, discussion lists, and organizations. Everyone becomes an historical figure for a day. None Catalog the various mice in the Library by capturing them.

This can also be accompanied by oral or visual presentations, slideshow, poster session,etc. As part of an oral presentation for a [mock] group of clients in a [mock] social-service setting, students could prepare a list of briefly annotated resources that might include books, journal articles, websites, or organizations.

Materials that need to be consulted by all students should be placed on Reserve.

Tips for a good library assignment

Develops skills in locating and evaluating information about the subject. Select a topic and compare how that topic is treated in two to five different sources. At various times students are required to turn in 1 their choice of topic; 2 an annotated bibliography; 3 an outline; 4 a thesis Library assignments 5 an introduction and a conclusion.

Samples of library research assignments Annotated Bibliographies Sample Assignment: The assignment can limit the acceptable content to scholarly articles written within the last ten years, or it can be broadened to include chapters or excerpts from monographs and significant older materials.

Write a newspaper story describing an event--political, social, cultural, whatever suits the objectives-based on their research. You may use one type type of material only once, i. Develops understanding of effective vs.

Check the availability of a title with the library before assigning it as required reading. When, where and how did information about your topic begin and develop?

Find secondary sources which deal with an idea or event described in the autobiography. The assignment could also require a bibliography of items considered for inclusion as well as copies of the items selected.

Demonstrates the differences among search tools in terms of content and search strategy. Choose a topic of interest and search it on the Internet. Contact a librarian to strategize; with sufficient lead time, we may be able to order needed materials. Contrast journal articles or editorials from recent publications reflecting conservative and liberal tendencies.

Conduct the research for a paper except for writing the final draft. Use clear language to define the task:Library Assignments were first started and completed on 9 Augustthe same day that the Crystal Library was released.

From 9 to 22 Augustthe Zurreal Research envelope was not available, and instead gave the following message. Comparative Analyses. Sample Assignment: Compare three sources of information about an event or topic.

Locate an article on a specific event or topic from three different sources -Newspapers or Magazines; scholarly or research articles from a journal; Website information (National/International sites). Join the Instructional Technology Lab to learn about assignments and tests in Blackboard!

Blackboard offers a variety of ways to assess your students. This minute workshop will primarily cover how to create assignments and develop tests that make the best of both your time and your students.

Assignments that require the use of library materials can utilize skills beyond those necessary for just locating information.

Effective library-based assignments can also promote critical thinking by requiring the student not only synthesize the information, but to evaluate why a particular source is appropriate and reliable.

Annotated Bibliographies Sample Assignment: Prepare an annotated bibliography about your chosen topic. Find a specified number of sources. e.g.

Library Assignment

five sources (books, scholarly articles, and/or Websites.) Write brief evaluative. Try to avoid assignments that: Require all students to research the same topic, especially if it is a narrow topic that the library has a limit number of items. Assign the same article to all students; unless you put the item on Reserves.

Library assignments
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