Gillette s target market and consumer segments

As a result of this merger, the Gillette Company no longer exists. India being the developing country it started liberalisation of its international trade and investment markets. Sometimes, all potential customers within a given target market will have similar wants and needs for products.

A market can be divided according to where consumers are located.

Gillette Consumer Insights

Hence, we must tell about how good a cream it is and the active ingredients involved in the product. Gillette does not have any product which fulfils the basic or the core needs of the consumer in the Indian market so they need to innovate such product which could be some kind of shaving cream which caters to the basic needs of the customer which is shaving every day.

Thus, this type of international segmentation has also benefited Mach 3 Turbo. India was the major potential market due to the external economic environment experiencing major change in widespread industrial restructuring and high economic growth in the country.

The foams also comply with the environmental standards and contain least amount of chloro-fluoro carbons in metallic cylinders to minimise the carbon footprints Iyer, As such, trademark protection becomes invaluable to distinguish a company's products and services from its competition to the public.

Some did because of their preferences and particular lifestyles. As Gillette is a premium brand which focuses on differentiating its products from the competitors and upgrading the customers in the value chain, targeting this segment will not be a strategically appropriate decision.

Essentially, the strategy outlines your business's plans for reaching its intended customers. Positioning Strategy The present perception of the brands between factors one and two is shown below. The segmentation is begin discussed belowwhere the differentiated marketing is what needs to be followed and Gillette needs to segments its products and offer different marketing mixes to meet the needs of each of these markets Marketing Theory: Segmenting the market into bite-sized chunks allows your company to cater to individuals.

The packing is thus designed with futuristic aspect in mind which conveys that Gillette offers the most technologically and environment friendly products for shaving in India.

The original Gillette Company was founded by King Camp Gillette in as a safety razor manufacturer. While it may seem crazy to spend millions to compete against yourself, the margin differences mean that this will deliver a better ROI than targeting the small number of remaining non-Gillette consumers over to the brand.

The increase in sales of the razors would be a good indication of the interest shown by the consumers in the new shaving cream.

They could very well discover brand and product interest from completely new segments. They are bothered about price, attributes and features as well and Gillette can target this segment also.

Identifying a Segment It won't always make sense to cater to every customer's whims. Thus targeting this segment would not be appropriate because Gillette has always been a premium brand and its main focus has been to create differentiated product from its competitors.

It will deliver a huge amount of defensive awareness while keeping the brand contemporary and hip in the never ending battle to stay fresh.

Can Gillette Save Face With Marketing Segmentation?

Gillette filed trademark applications with the USPTO simultaneously in separate goods and services classes. This is the biggest challenge for Gillette which has so far treated the Indian market as a dumping ground for its outdated products in the US.

Most price sensitive and the additional features are valued least by them. And a problem that razor company Gillette now claims to be facing.

Marketing Strategy of Gillette

Understanding who consumers are requires companies to divide consumers into groups based on variables such as gender, age, income, social class, religion, race or family lifecycle [insert diagram g].

Furthermore, the segment is made more attractive because of the fact that there are no strong and popular competitors of Mach 3 Turbo.Gillette and the Men's Wet-Shaving Market Generates positioning and media strategies to target key segments with specific products c. Helps local teams communicate to key channel partners the benefits of sharing segmentation data d.

Documents Similar To Marketing Strategy - Gillette. Gillete PPT. Uploaded by. prit_shuk. Gillette 5/5(1). The target customer demographic for a generic razor blade that is compatible with Gillette Fusion and Gillette ProGlide is: Men between 18 to 34 years old, that have a high disposable income (around $2,), if student, then those who spend comfortably, are salaried, belong mostly to generation Y, college educated, average income around $22, per year.

Gillette and the Men's Wet-Shaving Market Generates positioning and media strategies to target key segments with specific products c. Helps local teams communicate to key channel partners the benefits of sharing segmentation data d.

Provides a solid, fact-based foundation on which to discuss joint sales / marketing strategies with partners 5/5(1). The market targeting\nis defined as â The process of evaluating each market segmentâ s attractiveness\nand selecting one or more segments to enter.â Market segmentation is only the\nfirst essential step in the overall process of target marketing.

The target market for Gillette is net savvy population so it is easy to reach them and get their feedbacks. Advertisements: Gillette uses men’s fashion magazines to promote their offerings.

The key advantage of this that the target market’s fashion conscious segment will be able to see the product’s. Gillette S Target Market And Consumer Segments. Market Segments and Targets Many organizations are utilizing target marketing to compete more effectively.

Companies focus on the customers which they can most likely satisfy, instead of .

Gillette s target market and consumer segments
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