Essay on war of independence 1857

The formation of All India Muslim League was a very significant event in the history of Indian struggle for Independence. It was an extreme effort made by Indians, but they failed due to certain reasons including mutual jealousies, disunity, and lack of central leadership etc.

The British army was well trained and was much disciplined and they were provided with large weapons and Funds by the British government.

The first president of this party was Agha Khan and along with him were elected six vice-presidents, a secretary and two joint secretaries for a period of three years. These soldiers had participated in, among others, First Anglo-Afghan Warthe two wars in Punjab and and in the Second Anglo-Burmese War.

A rebellion by tribes of Jharkhand in India. There they made salt from the seawater and broke a law of British India prohibiting making salt without paying taxes, so this event is referred to as the Salt March.

The relationship lasted for over eight years after which it started getting sour. Muslim League, however, can be said to be the first party which actually got Muslims of India under one roof. In the s, this area had seen taxes increased significantly.

For six days there was desperate fighting. The exact causes of the uprising is a matter of debate. However, he and many other leaders of the Indian National Congress Party differed on many matters. He returned to India after completing his Law in England. Maulana Shaukat Ali, of the famed Ali brothers, is known to be one of the architects of Pakistan.

Names of the Indian Rebellion of 1857

After this, the British got control over Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. As it is evident, the All India Muslim League played the most important role in the freedom struggle of India and the creation of Pakistan.

The Revolt of 1857 —the First War of Independence

The Sepoys were so angry that they refused to use the new rifle. This stoked the fires of communal tension further in Bengal Chatterji The British army could have ruthlessly pounded the rebellious colonies and submit them using overwhelming force, and therefore, stop the war at once.

The occupation of Delhi was short-lived. The leading intellectual figures of India at that time expressed their unhappiness at this partition.

The Britain was Indians were still fighting with each other and in the mean time the British use it clever techniques and weapons to crush the rebellion furthermore it had the support.

The result was Jinnah endorsing the two nation theory in In other words, they were not fighting for the glory of some monarchy, but for a democracy that they could actively participate in.War of Independence Arabs and Jews have been at war for over 50 years.

People call this The 50 years of war.

Indian Rebellion of 1857

Arabs declare the rightful land theirs after the war. The War of Independence Today, July 4th is seen as Independence Day, a day of feast and celebration. But in the ’s it was no definitely no celebration. The American Revolution was the revoke the thirteen colonies had made against Britain leading to the war.

The First War of Indian Independence or The Great Revolt of The Indian soldiers in the East India Company’s army rebelled against the British in The English historians have painted this revolt as a mutiny of the sepoys.

The Irish War of Independence and its Legacy The Irish War of Independence is by no means a cut and dry issue. The legacy of this War, which began in and ended and its consequences are not confined to this specific time period. The First War of Independence in is largely believed to be the triggering point for the rise of nationalism in India.

The rise of nationalism brought along with it the scent of freedom which soon converted itself in to a storm where as history is evident resulted in the. War of Independence [History Essay Example] Why Did America Win the War of Independence With a seasoned, professional army and an abundance of resources at their disposal, it seems reasonable to have expected the British military to achieve a quick and easy victory over the ragtag American rebel forces who had declared independence from their.

Essay on war of independence 1857
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