Cultural collisions in l2 academic writing

The frequency of coordination and subordination use in Arabic and English corpora 2 Lexical Repetition Table 2: Drawing on Kress's concept of interest as a motivation to make meaning, she suggests that learner interests are aroused by dramatic conventions whose multi-modal nature affords students access to multiple ways of participating in the narrative.

UCLA Community College Review: Academic Literacy for English Language Learners

Her main areas of interest are second language writing, language testing, and second language acquisition. Differences in linguistic features among different languages are believed to be apparent in the preferences for specific rhetorical aspects from one language to another.

This can be fulfilled through internet websites which offer opportunities for chatting and communicating with native speakers. Repetition in Arabic Discourse: These results have some pedagogical implications for the current practices of teaching L2 writing.

Thus, the text type can minimize the effect of cultural preferences in writing. Implications are derived mainly from the core components of her rather ambitious expanded CR framework, viz.

The use of language enables the creation of visual images, distinction from outsiders thus maintaining societal solidarity and boundaries. He found that L2 learners produce written texts which are culturally influenced by their L1 due to low proficiency levels which induce them to resort to L1 resources.

What is suggested, is that a 'transformation of the self' occurs in the learning to speak another language AEF, Cultural and disciplinary variation in academic discourse: However, this finding cannot be generalized and needs more extensive research in order to be verified.

In summary, she makes the important point that there should be studies "to investigate what good writing is in a given culture and how it is taught" p. Cultural thought patterns revisited. It also is a power and social control booster with perpetuation of inequalities between people, groups in that words can be used intentionally or not to gag people.

The analysis of the Arabic corpus showed that the Arabic texts contain long sentences which can be divided into shorter sub sentences which can, in turn, stand as separate sentences. The influence of the Arabic language on the psychology of the Arabs.

Issues in Contrastive Rhetoric pp. Two decades later, contrastive rhetoric studies e. In addition, the analysis of the long sentences 71 Frontiers of Language and Teaching … Point of view and citation: Journal of Second Language Writing, 12 3—] found in the context of L2 argumentative writing.

Cohesion as a marker of Rhetorical organization in Arabic and English narrative texts. As such, there is an inverse relation between the two. Middle East Journal, 5, Journal of Second Language Writing, 11 3—], voice remains one of the constructs commonly addressed in learning standards and assessed in high-stakes English Language Arts tests.Despite the potential academic and personal importance of such socioacademic interactions, relatively little research has systematically examined this feature of the academic context in which L2.

‘ Cultural Collisions in L2 Academic Writing.’ TESL Canada Journal 80 – [Google Scholar]: 80) describes as ‘cultural collisions’ in L2 writing and indicate that Anglophone discourse is, to date, the prescriptive model used to assess the language quality of a manuscript submitted for publication.

Cultural Collisions in L2 Academic Writing Learning to write in English for academic purposes presents a significant challenge for non-native speakers.

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Not only must they deal with the obvious linguistic and technical issues such as syntax, vocabulary, and format, but they must also become familiar with Western notions of academic rhetoric.

Integrating the Genre-Based Approach into Teaching Writing in Arabic As a Foreign Language Motivated by the dearth of research on the integration of the genre-based approach into teaching writing in Arabic and the absence of such an approach, this paper L2 writing skills in multiple pedagogical contexts.

The next section. Second Language Writing Ken Hyland City University of Hong Kong v. P1: GCQ Guiding concepts in L2 writing teaching 2 Focus on language structures 3 Focus on text functions 6 Cultural schemata and writing 37. In his seminal paper, “Cultural Thought Patterns in Intercultural Education”, Kaplan () has informed research in L2 writing.

Kaplan has focused on how L2 English learners’ writings deviate from the conventions of paragraph writing in English.

Cultural collisions in l2 academic writing
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