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In terms of processes, the measurement is usually on speed, whereas for end result, the number of goods produced and served or their size. From 25 interviews with community gardeners from Central City a pseudonym for a New Jersey city Curran found that the most frequently mentioned benefits were psychological and personal.

The packaging used in fast food industry pollutes the environment. Time period[ edit ] Wallerstein traces the origin of today's world-system to the "long 16th century" a period that began with the discovery of the Americas by Western European sailors and ended with the English Revolution of Yet a careful review of the literature suggests that many criticisms have often tended to caricature convergence theory rather than addressing its An analysis of mcdonaldization in actual research studies.

However, the social position of community gardeners within the political economy field is not as seemingly unambiguous as their ideological position towards citizenship. It is this participation which provided gardeners with a feeling of belonging.

The following quote of Susan exemplifies this view: This was because participants were taking individual responsibility for City Farm and for social change generally. The demise of state socialism has revived interest in the possibilities of global economic and political convergence among advanced industrial societies see, for example, Lenski et al.

As Gutman points out: Weber famously used the terminology " iron cage " to describe the stultifying, Kafkaesque effects of bureaucratized life, [6] and Ritzer applied this idea to an influential social system in the twenty-first century: The discussion shows also that the ideological variations found in City Farm are based on internal contradictions of the environmental philosophy, which is founded both on historical projectivism that originates from modernism and on an oppositional morality that originates from the puissance of the masses Maffesolithat is, a 'will to survive' that springs from the emotional bases of life.

At the same time, this approach rests on a particular temporality and directionality that presumes rationalization as its inevitable endpoint.

Ritzer argues that we should view all economic activities on a continuum of prosumption with prosumption as production p-a-p and prosumption as consumption p-a-c on each pole.

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However, the disagreement among these studies and scholars arguing for convergence may be simply a function of case selection.

From this Gutman argues that merely being the recipient of goods and services does not make one dependent. Despite the controversy over, and subsequent disillusionment with, early versions of convergence theory in the study of modernization, and the often mixed results of empirical studies discussed above, it is clear that the concept of societal convergence and convergence theories that allow for the possibility of divergence and invariance provides a useful and potentially powerful analytical framework within which to conduct cross-national studies across a broad range of social phenomena.

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In this regard we must account for the role of environmentalism, with its middle class cultural origins and political bases, which seems to play a significant part in the social and organisational life of community gardens.

Business is run in the same way in all Walmart stores. Within the greater category of Mu, Ritzer establishes four other subsets: Who we are and how we interact is becoming defined by our dependence upon and subordination to the machine.

The remaining two were aged between 50 and 54 years. To these benefits Newark gardeners added self-sufficiency, fresh food and improved neighbourhood Patel Supermarkets had a better range of foods two respondentsbut they were unavoidable for some non-food items two respondents.

City Farm covers an area of over one hectare and includes a large zone used for re-vegetation and accumulation of compost materials. We must then tie community gardening to broader social structures and cultural practices, rather than merely to individualistic or economic activity if we are to gain a fuller sociological understanding of community gardening and its future directions.


On the other hand Susan saw that City Farm had limited capacity to meet all people's needs while at the same time working on the primary task which is to work towards ecologically sustainable food production.

He compares the urban gardens run by the non-government organisers of the community garden movement and those run by government authorities of the local city council's departments these are called agencies in the USA.

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The Walt Disney Company also has regulations in place, like dress code for men and women, in order to add to the predictability of each amusement park or Disney operation. Yet, community gardening as a social phenomenon exists, alongside other environmentally oriented groups, despite the dominant culture of consumerism.

It will then show how a combination of emotion and ideology affects other activities of the respondents, particularly, decision-making and their City Farm and household consumption activities.

What appealed to me was the fact that if we can get together like minded people we can co-operate in a community system that works a lot better, basically. Factors such as employment, place of residence, gender and length of residence were found to significantly affect Losaida's and Central City gardeners' experience of community garden benefits.

The internal-social subtype identifies connections between sociologists and connections between sociologists and society. In this chapter I will review the sociological and anthropological research on community gardening, which focuses mainly on social interactions and attitudes at the micro level.Evolution of Modern Management through Taylorism: An Adjustment of Scientific Management Comprising Behavioral Science ☆.

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The term McDonaldization was coined by George Ritzer in and is a valuable tool for providing a theoretical and practical debate concerning novel and defining features of our contemporary world.

The contributors to this collection. Apr 14,  · (A brief research essay outline) McDonaldization George Ritzer defines McDonaldization as the process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as of the rest of the world.

McDonaldization centres around four main principles namely, efficiency, predictability, calculability. Understanding Past and Current Societies. Society is a population of people who share the same geographic territory and culture. In sociology this typically refers to an entire country or community.

Average people tend to use the word society differently than do sociologists. World-systems theory (also known as world-systems analysis or the world-systems perspective) is a multidisciplinary, macro-scale approach to world history and social change which emphasizes the world-system (and not nation states) as the primary (but not exclusive) unit of social analysis.

"World-system" refers to the inter-regional and transnational division of labor, which divides the world. Exploring the Imperative of Metamorphosization of America’s Electricity Generation! Demystification of Co-Existential Energy —Green Power, a paragon of virtue, is a subset of Green Energy that represents those energy resources and technologies that are hegemonically steady, reliable, risk-free, and provide the highest environmental and commercial benefits; with no anthropogenic GHG ‴.

An analysis of mcdonaldization
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