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Her mother is no more now. This painful universal circumstance of loss to death that all humans invariably experience in their lives has rendered without words the same poet who was so far being so articulate about the smallest of details in the picture.

This is considered as the poet's loss too. They smiled through their hair because they were posing for a photograph. They are paddling in A photograph shirley toulson water.

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As in the Portrait of a Lady, this poem also deals with the theme of loss and bereavement and the impact it leaves on those who are left behind. They are mortal and suffer physical change with the passage of time. In the photograph, she as well as her two little cousins stood at the each. Detailed explanation This poem by Shirley Toulson is a tribute to her mother.

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All the girls standing at the each have a terribly transient existence. The photograph of her dead mother brings sad nostalgic feelings in the past.

Mother remembered her past with nostalgia. You are the uncle who took the photograph of your mother. In the first stanza, the poet's mother is shown as a twelve year old girl with pretty smiling face. The past can be a source of inspiration as well as regret. NSA and died in How did mother remember her past?

It was a beach holiday. She recalls the moment when her mother was twelve years old and looked sweet and happy. The list may vary from person to person. The poet experiences great sorrow when she remembers her mother who left for heavenly abode twelve years ago.

Gone are the childhood days of mother and the sea holiday has become her past, the photograph flashes back to the scene that was captured about 30 years ago. For the poet, the image brings out feelings of loss as her mother has passed away 12 years prior.

What emotions would you associate with Shirley as she looks at the photograph? Discuss with reference to the text and your real life.

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In the poem,

This incident took place when she was twelve years old. Her mother was on the sea shore with her cousins and posing for a photograph. Want to know in details about the poem? Years fled past since then. What has the camera captured?

The Keepsake Press was founded in the garden shed soon after, with the intention of publishing both established and un-established writers and artists.

As for the author the image evokes a sadness of the loss of her mother, while it evoked thoughts of happiness for her mother. The book is out of print and rare "new" copies are listed on amazon. Now she has nothing to say at all. How did the cousins go paddling with mother?

Poetic devices of the poem The Photograph by Shirley Toulson?

They smiled through their hair because they were posing for a photograph. But the sea remains same. She had gone for a sea holiday with her cousins Betty and Dolly and while they were paddling, her uncle took a photograph of them. It is this labored ease that turns even the happiest laughter-filled memories wry by tinging them with emotions of pain and loss.

Gone is a carefree laughter of the mother which was love at one time. My very first concert was arranged by the A. Both these now belong to the past. The choice of yours may be different.The Photograph SHIRLEY TOULSON, an English author who lives in Somerset, was drawn into the spell of Celtic Christianity as she worked on her books dealing with the oldest roads and folklore of Britain and Ireland, and found herself following the routes taken on their journeys by the saints of.

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Writers say poetry provides them with comfort, a way to express themselves and the discipline of finding the essence with few words. A PHOTOGRAPH. Shirley Toulson Index • About Poetess •Summary •About the poem •Poetic devices •References to context •“And the sea.

which appears to have changed less” •“ Washed their terribly transient feet.” •“With The laboured ease of loss.”.

Toulson has worked as a teacher of creative writing for adults. Between andshe was the features editor of the journal agronumericus.comn andshe was the editor of Child Education. Toulson’s first collection of poetry entitled Shadows in an Orchard came out in She went on to edit important works on Dickens, Kipling, Milton and Shakespeare.

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A photograph shirley toulson
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